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RED Design Model Project Plan

A Step-by-Step Guide for Successful Education Technology Implementation

The RED Design Model Project Plan guides your district leaders along the path of a thoughtful, detailed implementation. Using an online project management tool, SmartSheet®, the RED Design Model Project Plan is a powerful Gantt chart offering the ability to lead and manage your plan. Even better, your district can customize the Model Project Plan to reflect the unique needs, culture and organizational structure of your schools.

Download the RED Design Model Project Plan today, and you’ll have the roadmap/plan you need to produce a successful technology implementation for your students, district and community.

Getting StartedInstructions for downloading the Model Project Plan

Using the RED Design Model Project PlanA quick how-to guide for the Model Project Plan

FAQsAnswers to frequently asked questions

Getting Started

Access the RED Design Model Project Plan in your preferred file format.

To download as a pdf click the button below.

To download using web-based Smartsheet®, click the button below.

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Once you have exported the RED Design Project Plan as your own, separate chart, you can tailor it to your unique district characteristics while ensuring that each crucial task is incorporated.

Note: If your district does not have its own project management tool, Project RED recommends using a web-based project management tool called Smartsheet to develop and house the Gantt chart.  To access the plan using Smartsheet, click on the link provided to be transferred to the Smartsheet registration.  Once registered, your account will automatically be provisioned with the Model Project Plan.

  • Once you have registered, you will be provided with a 30 day free trial account. If you choose to continue after 30 days, you can upgrade to a paid account for a modest price. 
  • Once you are signed up for a free account, your account will be provisioned with your own copy of the Project RED Design Model Project Plan.

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 Using the RED Design Model Project Plan

The RED Design Model Project Plan is presented as a Gantt chart.  A Gantt chart is a project management tool that allows users to develop and view project tasks, resources allocated to complete those tasks, estimated length of each task, dependencies (i.e. whether a task must be completed before beginning another task), timelines, benchmarks and deadlines.  Gantt charts also allow users to track the progress of specific tasks and the overall project. 

The Model Project Plan is intended to serve as a model that users may tailor to fit their individual needs. As no two districts are in the same situation, the plan allows for customization.  This is a non-trivial task, and the initial sections must be completed very early in the project process.  As the project progresses, the plan must be revised and adapted to conform with the project direction, assessment results, successes and challenges.


Why use the RED Design Model Project Plan?

How will the Model Project Plan help with Project Management?

Who should be our Project Manager? 

What is a Gantt Chart?

The How versus the What: Will the Model Project Plan tell me everything?

What is the benefit of using the Model Project Plan?

Do we have to use Smartsheet to access the Model Project Plan?

What are the usage restrictions for the Model Project Plan?

Why use the RED Design Model Project Plan? 

Our research has shown that in every implementation, there are eight crucial success factors:

  1. Secure funding source(s) for three or more years;
  2. Use of all Project RED Key Implementation Factors;
  3. The utilization of standards-based, digital curriculum resources;
  4. The engagement of a trained, dedicated project manager;
  5. The use of a comprehensive project plan, either the Project RED Design™ Model Project Plan or one that is comparable in scope;
  6. Substantial and sufficient professional learning for all stakeholders including change management for leaders;
  7. Focus on cost savings and long-term financial sustainability; and
  8. A formal program evaluation.

The Project RED Design Model Project Plan will walk you through these eight factors, with incredible focus and detail, to ensure that your students and your staff benefit from your technology implementation.


How will the Model Project Plan help with Project Management?
A large scale transformative project as envisioned by the Project RED Design will only be successful to the extent that a comprehensive project plan is developed, led and adhered to. The annals of education technology are replete with examples of schools and districts that thought it would be a good idea to implement new tools and strategies and learn, solely, on the job. The results are never guaranteed. The successful superintendent will treat this project as he would treat the construction of a new high school which includes a strong, focused, benchmarked, on-time, on-budget project plan.


Who should be our Project Manager? 
This Gantt chart is intended to be used by a competent and experienced project manager who has the power and authority to properly manage a complex project.  To ensure success, the project manager should have previous project management experience on several multi-million dollar school projects.  Depending on the size of the project they may require assistance from assistant managers handling facilities, technology, and curriculum and instruction.

There are numerous companies that offer project management professional development programs across the country.  Many educators have accessed these opportunities to best prepare persons to competently engage this task.


What is a Gantt Chart?
A Gantt chart is one of several popular ways to describe a project in terms useful to project managers.  Among its many features, it provides a way to easily see and work with tasks, assignments, resources, predecessors, dependencies, timelines, deadlines, costs and schedules.  While simple projects can be managed by a spreadsheet, a large scale project demands sophisticated project management tools for success.


The How versus the What: Will the Model Project Plan tell me everything? 
The Gantt chart does a great job of specifying tasks that need to be done. It does not specify strategies or specific tools for accomplishing the tasks.  The Project RED team has attached curated files to certain tasks on the Gantt chart as examples of strategies, tools, templates and other resources.  These files provide downloads, or links to downloads, of more detailed information on how to accomplish a specific task.  An example is the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  The Gantt chart provides the process for developing an AUP. Attached to one of the AUP tasks are sample AUP’s that you can adopt, or use as an example to develop your own AUP.  We strongly encourage you to submit your examples of best practice to Project RED.  We will curate them and post the files for the benefit of the Project RED community.  Your participation will be invaluable to newcomers.


What is the Benefit of Using Project RED’s Model Project Plan?
Project RED conducted a national survey of technology programs in approximately 1,000 schools regarding academic results and the financial implications of using education technology. The findings showed that if effectively implemented, technology programs can lead to improved student achievement and significant return on investment.

The Project RED research findings informed the team’s development of a step-by-step project plan that demonstrates how schools and districts can effectively implement educational technology.  This plan includes detailed descriptions of the tasks implementers will undertake at each stage of the process.  

In addition, attached to many tasks are curated documents and files that expand on the task itself.


Do we have to use Smartsheet to access the RED Design Model Project Plan?

Because of the capabilities and affordable pricing, Project RED has selected as an alliance partner for hosting the Model Project Plan. Through the alliance, Smartsheet will rebate a portion of the initial fees received by customers referred by Project RED.  We intend to use these revenues to continue to maintain and enhance the Model Project Plan. 
However, you do not need to use Smartsheet if your district already owns project management software. The RED Design Model Project Plan is available in several formats, including Microsoft Project, which is a common data interchange format in the project planning community.  Project RED members are free to use a project planning tool of their choice, as long as it is able to import Microsoft Project XML files or other available data interchange formats.


What are the usage restrictions for the Model Project Plan?

 Project RED’s materials, including the Model Project Plan are copyrighted by Project RED and released for educational purposes only.  Any commercial use must be licensed by Project RED.  



Input to this Gantt chart was provided by the Greaves Group, the One to One Institute, and several school districts.  We thank those who generously provided their time.