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OTO Launches New Personalized Learning Course

One-to-One Institute is partnering with Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey ofPersonalize Learning tohelp teacherscreate learner-centered 1:1 environments. One-to-One Institute COO, Dr. Michael Gielniak identifies personalized learning as the next big advancement needed to realize the full potential of education technology.  “We are hearing from our well implemented 1:1 districts that the transformation to a student-centered pedagogy continues to be one of the biggest challenges.  We believe our new course provides district s with an important foundation fortheir journey to personalize learning.”

Bray and McClaskey expressedtheir excitementabout the new partnership.  "We are honored to work with One-to-One Institute in creating a customized standalone course based on our 5W's of Personalized Learning eCourse.  Our partnership with One-to-One Institute demonstrates how learner voice and choice encourages the learner to acquire the skills they need to choose and use the appropriate tools and resources for a ny task.  Working together to adapt the course has been an exciting experience.  We look forward to our continued partnership and journey to help transform 1:1 learning environments."

One-to-One Institute CEO, Leslie Wilson,also emphasizes the importance of this new offering. “Learner voice and choice are paramount to personalizing the learning process.  One-to-One Institute embeds these strategies in a newandexciting online course.  We are honored to be working with the “PersonalizeLearning” authors, Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray, in the development of the program.  Their extensive expertise has inspired us and provided the foundation for this course.

One-to-One Institute will provide the course asynchronously for individual teacher enrollment, or in more customized and facilitated forms for district groups. The course provides the"look fors," (or characteristics),and a graduated,step by step introduction to the elements of alearner-centered 1 :1 environment. Upon completion teachers will have a solid foundation in which tobegin engaging with students in more powerful and authentic ways.

One-to-One Institute will begin offering the course in November. For more information contact One-to-One Institute at


About One-to-One Institute

One-to-One Institute is anational non-profit committed to igniting 21st century education through the implementation of one-to-one technology in K-12 education environments.OTO is the only organization in the world to design a comprehensive approach to1:1  implementation based on their Project RED and OTOresearch. The design includes professional development and consultancies to schools, districts and states that lead to successful and sustainable 1:1 programs. For more information, contact or connect viaTwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


About Personalize Learning

Personalize Learning, LLC (@plearnchat) works with school districts and organizations to transform teaching and learning for all learners. Their model is based on transformation in three areas: changing teacher and learner roles, using Universal Design for Learning® as the lens to personalize learning, and developing a culture of learning based on a shared belief system. Barbara and Kathleen co-authored the book, Make Learning Personal to provide the What, Who, Wow, Where and Why of Personalized Learning that expands on their eCourse, the5W's of Personalized Learning . For more information, contact or connect with them viaTwitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.