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Educator Professional Learning

Customizing Your Solution

We will customize a plan of face-to-face and virtual support and professional learning that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

Face-to-face options

Immersion Experience for Teachers

OTO provides teacher professional learning experiences through OTO's Immersion Training, online support, the facilitation of professional learning communities, and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching. OTO works with district leadership teams to customize these experiences to best meet the needs of their staff. The professional learning includes the basic tools and skills necessary to meet the Common Core and all other standards, create a student-centered learning environment, and to meaningfully integrate technology into instruction. Below is an outline of the components of OTO's professional learning model.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Coaching

The purpose of the feedback shoulder-to-shoulder session is to provide guidance and ensure fidelity across the district following an Immersion Training. Teachers will schedule a time for the Digital Coach to come to their classroom and observe them. The coach then provides feedback, coaching, and resources for the teacher in a one-on-one debriefing session. This works best when it follows an instructional model introduced during the Immersion Training (i.e. SAMR Model, Inquiry, Common Core, etc.) Each teacher will be required to submit information on what they will be teaching before the Digital Coach arrives.

Train-the-Trainer: Building Internal Capacities

Training district trainers is a key component for building the long-term sustainability of the program. OTO believes it is vital for trainers to have hands-on 1:1 classroom experience. Therefore, the train-the-trainer program usually does not begin until the end of the first year of implementation. As teachers finish their first implementation year, OTO works with the District Leadership Team to identify teachers that are most appropriate for the OTO Train-the-Trainers Program. Once teachers have been selected, OTO provides facilitation training, a comprehensive OTO training manual, and a tremendous amount of other support and resources. In implementation year 2 and 3, OTO Digital Coaches include the trainees in all aspects of the teacher professional development model, as the new district trainers develops their knowledge and skills. OTO continues to support the district trainers as they move from guided practice to complete independence.

Blended Model

Blended Immersion Training Face-to-face Component

In this one day workshop, participants will act as “students” in a model lesson taught by a Digital Coach. Coaches will integrate a variety of Web 2.0 tools into the model lesson. Participants will begin to design and research a question. Consultants will model how to facilitate discussions that help lead students to deeper understanding. Participants will learn search strategies, Web 2.0 tools, and facilitation strategies to manage and help students through the research process.

Blended Immersion Training Virtual Component

A Digital Coach will facilitate a four module asynchronous course. The purpose of the course is to guide participants through the process of building their own unit of study that includes the components of the Face-to-face Immersion Training. Teachers will be required to complete and share assignments, participate in review and conversation regarding the content and products posted by teachers, and to complete a full unit of study as a culminating project.
Note: Principal support and facilitation is required to make this model work. This includes four planning meetings with the principal.

Continued Virtual Teacher Support

Ongoing teacher support is vital to keep participants engaged and moving down the continuum toward personalization of learning for their students. OTO recommends this happen through a partnership with the district. For this to be effective it is essential for the district to create collaborative teacher groups that meet on a regular basis to plan instruction that is 1) standards-based; 2) includes student choice and inquiry; and 3) embeds transformative uses of technology. Through OTO’s continued teacher support, the teachers will have access to an online learning portal with videos, tips and resources for participants to access during the year while they implement their units of study, and the Digital Coach will meet virtually with each collaborative teacher group every 4 times.

Customizing Your Solution

We will customize a plan of face-to-face and virtual support and professional learning that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.

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