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Project RED I, II, & III



Introducing Project RED Phase III Research – The Project RED Briefs!

Building on the initial study of 997 schools, Project RED Phase III dives into a deep, 3-year study of 37,000 students and 2,200 teachers in 20 carefully-selected, high-performing districts, examining why the education industry, amoing all industries, is the lone failure, and how a state can dramatically improve student academic performance while simultaneously reducing the financial burden of public education.

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Project Red Launches Phase III

Proven Data-Driven Method for Effective Education Through Properly Implemented Technology

Research-based methods leads to increased student acheivement and improved ROI

News Highlights

Project RED is launching a third phase of research around Signature Districts’ demonstration that well implemented education technologies leads to increased student achievement and revenue positive results.

· Project RED Phase II created a professional learning community providing tools, resources and collaboration opportunities for district leaders and school administrators who are passionate about bringing change to learning and preparing students for successful futures.

· By using findings from a national research study of 1,000 schools, the initial Project RED research provided a replicable design for school districts to make the best possible use of technology in a learning environment, leading to improved student achievement and significant return on investment.

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Project RED II - From Research to Results

There is a national buzz around the Project RED findings. Project RED II will operationalize the findings from the original research. The goal is to create a cadre of schools and districts who will integrate Project RED findings into their practices. The staff and sites will be supported through a myriad of resources conferences and consultancies to help guide their success. Those interested may apply for Project RED certification status.

Project RED Design

Project RED Implementation Webinars

Project RED I - Groundbreaking National Resarch around Education Technology

Although data gathered over the years have indicated that technology has not achieved the same impact in education as in other sectors of the economy, it has become clear that a few pockets of excellence are successfully transforming schools with technology using specific implementation strategies. The urgent need to understand those successful implementation strategies provided the impetus for Project RED.

Recognizing the connection between education and the economy, Project RED established a second goal: to research the potentially positive financial impact of technology in schools. Surprisingly, very little work has been done on the financial impact of technology in education, unlike the private sector.

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