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Finance Directors

As a finance director, you are the keeper of the numbers. You maintain the delicate balance of keeping a district operational amid federal funding requirements, state funding laws, private grants, building expenses, an ever-changing payroll, and more. You want to make wise investments to benefit the students in your district.  

Over $100 billion has been invested in technology for US schools, with few measurable outcomes. Now, Project RED gives you the ability to change that statistic.

Project RED conducted the first and only national research study  to focus on academic results and the financial benefits of educational technology. Our research of 1,000 schools revealed key findings for the effective integration of technology in schools-- findings that show a replicable design for reducing costs and increasing student achievement.

Let us show you how a comprehensive financial plan can create strategic change—engaging resource reallocation, determining return on investment, and helping stakeholders understand how district finances are tied to the goals of a technology implementation.

Properly-implemented technology can lead to cost savings

One finding of our research is that properly-implemented technology can lead to cost savings at all levels—federal, state, and local. Districts that invest in the re-engineering of schools, not just technology itself, will see a positive financial impact from technology. The richer the technology implementation, the more positive the impact. Your role is a big one, and you must be actively involved in many decisions along the way in a technology implementation.

Practical, research-based method

Are you ready to find cost-effective ways to improve your district? Project RED will provide visionary finance directors with the tools and knowledge to ensure that technology integration raises student achievement, while having a positive fiscal impact on tight budgets.  Project RED can support and guide your role through its RED Design—a trove of resources and tools to enable success, both academic and financial, for your district.

Join the Project RED Community

The Project RED Community is a professional learning community where like-minded leaders get access to resources and tools for success via mentors, regional institutes, webinars, and more. Through the community, you will receive step-by-step planning tools to implement technology in a way that will transform student learning and benefit your district’s bottom line.

The Project RED Community supports finance directors with:
•    A peer support group to seek advice and share best practices with other administrators.
•    Webinars to get phase-by-phase information on successful technology implementations.
•    A Readiness Tool to gauge your district’s footing for an implementation.
•    An ROI Calculator to help your district determine potential savings.
•    A Comprehensive Project Plan that offers a step-by-step guide for 1:1 implementation, with financial implications and tasks.

You want to see quality, long-lasting investments in your district. You are a forward-thinking leader. Let the Project RED Community be your resource for district transformation. Join today.