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Curriculum Directors

One common misconception about 1:1 computing programs is that the use of mobile computing devices by students will, by itself, result in achievement gains. Research by Project RED and others underscores that the success of 1:1 programs is tied to many factors, one of which is curriculum and instruction. But do you know all of the steps for a successful implementation? Do you know how your position is going to impact the process and support your staff? Project RED offers a plethora of resources to help you hit the ground running.

Project RED conducted the first and only national research study to focus on academic results and the financial benefits of educational technology. Our research of 1,000 schools revealed key findings for the effective integration of technology in schools-- findings that show a replicable design for reducing costs and increasing student achievement. Let us show you how it can be done.

Learn about successful strategies

In order to see student achievement increase and to realize cost benefits from technology, several elements must be in place. The district’s core curriculum must be aligned to state or national standards. Technology must be meaningfully integrated into the curriculum in ways that engage and personalize learning. A student-centered pedagogy must be deployed in the delivery of instruction and throughout the learning process. Regular, ongoing professional development must be offered for teachers and administrators.

Practical, research-based method

Are you ready to get started? Project RED can help you make the shift to a student-centered, personalized instructional approach. Project RED will provide visionary curriculum directors and their teams with the tools and knowledge to help ensure that technology integration raises student achievement, while having a positive fiscal impact on tight budgets.

Join the Project RED Community

The Project RED Community is a professional learning community where like-minded leaders get access to mentors, regional institutes, webinars, and more. Through the community, you can receive step-by-step planning tools to implement technology in a way that will transform student learning.

The Project RED Community supports curriculum directors with:

  • A peer support group to seek advice and share best practices with other curriculum directors
  • Webinars to get phase-by-phase information on successful technology implementations
  • A tool to gauge your district’s readiness for an implementation
  • An ROI Calculator to help determine potential savings
  • Comprehensive project-plan templates for 1:1 implementation
  • A model of issues to address for professional development/professional learning for your district
  • Video examples of effective classroom practice
  • Links to exemplary sites
  • Resources and protocols for classroom management
  • Online tools for assessing budget, resources, cost avoidance and resource reallocation.
  • A wiki with digital tools and content

Do you have a vision for your district? Let the Project RED Community help. Join today to begin the transformation.