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  • K-12 Education Best Practices Webinar Series

    November 12, 2014

    Charting Your Course to a 1:1 Personalized Learning Program

    Featured Presenters: Leslie Wilson, CEO, and Mike Gielniak, COO, One-to-One Institute; Robert Constanza, Senior Consultant, DynTek Services

    Please join us for this informative online event on the strategies, best practices and key roadblocks K-12 institutions must evaluate when creating a personalized, 1:1 learning environment. We will focus on the current and future education landscape and chart the roadmap schools can take to put students at the center through a highly personalized system that is powered up by 1:1 technologies.  In addition, we will discuss how Common Core State Standards, which are crucial to students’ achievement, are driving many 1:1 technology implementations that also provide student-driven focus and learning activities.

    • What is a 1:1 Personalized Learning Program?
    • Snapshots of 1:1 Programs/BYOD
    • Common Core State Standards and 1:1 Learning
    • Key Implementation Factors - What the Research Says: Best Practices, Project RED & Other Sources
    • Project Management
    • Assessing Your Technical Infrastructure – Real World Strategies and Avoiding Pitfalls and Roadblocks

  • Ready, Set, Go! Launching Your 1:1 Program

    November 13, 2014

    This Nov 13 webinar will cover Project RED research, best practices and the education landscape, along with One-to-One Institute’s Implementation Protocol:  Keys to Successful Implementation -

  • Elizabeth Public Schools Leadership Visioning Day!

    November 14, 2014

    One-to-One Institute will be facilitating conversations with district leadership around the development and implementation of a sustainable 1:1 program by engaging all key constituents in creating a vision for the personalization of learning through the seamless integration of content standards, curriculum, instruction and technology, second order change leadership, strategic planning and action, plus support and capacity development.

  • Ease Your Transition to 21st Century Learning in K-12 - Webcast

    November 18, 2014

    Please join Cisco, Amplify, and CDWG for this complimentary webcast to understand the key success factors in building a solid foundation for truly digital learning and how to best overcome the complexities and challenges inherent in the process.

    Our discussion will aim to answer some of your most pressing questions:
    • How do I plan to integrate or expand mobile technology for greater personalization and 21st-century learning?
    • How do I thoughtfully connect classrooms to match the needs of powerful digital learning?
    • How can I help schools, teachers, and students achieve the new levels of skill, knowledge, rigor, and passion associated with
    making the digital transition in a meaningful way?

    In this webcast, you’ll learn:
    • How to develop an instructional vision for your digital transition
    • How to overcome key technical challenges of converting to a digital platform
    • How to implement your program in an impactful and sustainable way
    • How Cisco, Amplify, and CDWG are working together to impact education today

    Don’t miss this opportunity to see how to create a technology-supported instructional delivery system that seamlessly promotes
    student engagement, personalizes learning, and prepares students to compete in the global economy.

    Space is limited, so register today.

  • CETPA K-20 Technologists Annual Conference

    November 18, 2014

    CETPA returns to Sacramento for its 54th Annual Conference. The Conference will feature quality sessions, dynamic keynotes, great exhibitors, and a variety of opportunities to support you in navigating and driving change through technology. Join us in November for another outstanding conference!

  • Dougherty County School System Trainer and Teacher Immersion

    November 21, 2014

    Training district trainers is a key component for building the long-term sustainability of the program. OTO believes it is vital for trainers to have hands-on 1:1 classroom experience. Therefore, the train-the-trainer program usually does not begin until the end of the first year of implementation. As teachers finish their first implementation year, OTO works with the District Leadership Team to identify teachers that are most appropriate for the OTO Train-the-Trainers Program. Once teachers have been selected, OTO provides facilitation training, a comprehensive OTO training manual, and a tremendous amount of other support and resources. In implementation year 2 and 3, OTO Digital Coaches include the trainees in all aspects of the teacher professional development model, as the new district trainers develops their knowledge and skills. OTO continues to support the district trainers as they move from guided practice to complete independence.

    OTO provides teacher professional learning experiences through OTO’s Immersion Training, online support, the facilitation of professional learning communities, and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching. OTO works with district leadership teams to customize these experiences to best meet the needs of their staff. The professional learning includes the basic tools and skills necessary to meet the Common Core and all other standards, create a student-centered learning environment, and to meaningfully integrate technology into instruction.

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