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Intel is a major sponsor of the One-to-One Institute. Intel's education efforts center on improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology. Intel works with educations leaders worldwide on solutions that support the creation of twenty-first century skills. 
Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn in K­12 education. Our products are leading the way in data-­driven instruction, breaking new ground in mobile learning and setting the standard for next-generation digital curriculum and assessment. And our professional services team, with years of classroom experience, helps schools implement digital solutions to meet their local conditions. With headquarters in New York City and more than 1,200 employees across the country, Amplify is led by a team of digital education experts and has provided innovative technology to the K­12 market for more than a decade.  For more information, visit

One-to-One Institute is an international non-profit committed to igniting 21st century education through the implementation of one-to-one technology in K-12 education environments.