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Becoming a Digital Citizen

"I was very impressed with the Immersion Training for the teachers and the OTO Digital Coach did a phenomenal job with our staff. The teachers came in feeling very overwhelmed about the new 1:1 program but by the end of the training, they were much more at ease. This training was essential to getting our 1:1 off on the right foot."

Sarah Wood
Technology and Media Integration Specialist
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

“I just wanted to say thanks for giving me direction with the Principals/Leadership team. I created a walk-through form to collect data, and the principals now have iPads to use to collect that data.”

Tracy Watanabe
Technology Integration Specialist
Apache Junction Unified School District  

“I am glad to see the evaluation shows signs of transformation. That is exactly what we wanted. That transformation has to be attributed to your team’s presentation of their knowledge and experience. Thank you again for your patience, flexibility and professionalism.”

Mary Lange
Ed Tech Resource Teacher
San Diego Unified School District

Kent School District

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School:     Kent Technology Academy (middle school)
                   Kent-Meridian Technology Academy (high school) 

Address:     12033 SE 256th Street, Kent, Washington 98030
District:       Kent School District
Grades:       7 & 8; 9-12

Type of 1:1 Implementation: Laptop Program

 In the fall of 2005, Kent School District (KSD) opened the Kent Technology Academy (KTA), a small school housed on the Mill Creek Middle School campus. This academy was designed to be a proof of concept school as KSD implemented its first One-to-One laptop program. With three teachers and 90 seventh grade students, the program demonstrated that students in a technology-rich environment could produce amazing results. The academy doubled in its second year to include six teachers and 180 students. With its enrollment based on an application-lottery system, the demographic of the students in the academy was a mirror of the District as a whole.

The successes at KTA led to the expansion of the initiative in the fall of 2007 to the Kent-Meridian Technology Academy (KMTA), a high school program residing on the Kent-Meridian High School campus. Students work in small learning communities for their core classes while participating in electives and PE/Health with the greater school population. Extra-curricular activities are also open to all students. The staff members at these small academies laid critical groundwork with respect to curriculum, equipment and best practices while collecting lessons learned to aid in expanding the program. KMTA and KTA have grown to add grade levels and teaching staff until reaching their current status: 15 teachers and 500 students in grades 7-12. The program’s staff members have been trained in project-based learning, 21st Century Skills, and best practices integrating technology. The students and teachers in both academies are also a vital part of our new technology adoption process and participate as field testers for cutting-edge tools.

The Kent School District’s IT Department has been an integral part of the success of One-to-One Laptop Initiative. The Department’s support teams have worked to revamp support structures to ensure same day response to support requests. The networking and infrastructure teams have worked to develop a comprehensive network and server infrastructure to support the expansion with new services like high-density wireless, unlimited network storage, student email, remote access, and other critical resources with an uptime of 99.998%. Meanwhile, the instructional technology team created a district-wide support model for professional development to help teachers refine their teaching practices to align with, and take advantage of, a One-to-One classroom. The Instructional Services department worked to align projects to make existing resources available electronically and require all new textbook adoptions to also be available electronically.

After an outside research company conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the initial programs, the Kent School District Board of Directors endorsed the expansion of this initiative to all secondary students, beginning with seventh graders in the fall of 2008. Currently, Kent School District’s six middle schools, four compulsory high schools, two high school academies, and two technology academies each participate in the One-to-One Laptop Initiative, which includes approximately 7,500 students in grades 7, 8, and 9. Funded directly from technology levy dollars, this program will continue to grow through grade 12, one grade per year, for the next three years. This year, 2,500 ninth grade students were issued HP 6360 13-inch laptops that they will carry with them until they graduate high school.

The District’s One-to-One program was recognized in 2008 by the international ComputerWorld Honors Program, and the District was recognized by the National School Board Association as a national technology site visit during the same year. The District has hosted a number of international visitors interested in seeing the program firsthand from the United Kingdom, China, India, the Netherlands, and other countries. Visitors have included ministers of education, government cabinet members, superintendents, principals, teachers, and technology professionals.

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