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  • New Mexico 1:1 Leadership Summit

    Leadership & Strategic Planning

    September17 & 18, 2014

    Albuquerque, NM

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    • The One-to-One Institute Approach

      One-to-One Institute’s mission is to provide support services for developing successful and sustainable 1:1 computing programs.

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    • Leadership for 21st Century Schools

      If you plan to implement a one-to-one learning program, there is no need to start from scratch.  Take advantage of OTO’s experience with hundreds of successful one-to-one programs and our knowledge of the Key Implementation Factors that we determined from Project RED’s research.

      OTO offers schools and districts a One-to-One Implementation Protocol designed to guide the planning and implementation process, as well as the development of leadership and instructional practices that will lead to a successful and sustainable one-to-one learning program.

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    • Teacher Professional Learning

      One-to-one learning provides students and teachers with their own personal portable technology devices connected wirelessly to the Internet.  These devices enable teachers to provide highly personalized and targeted learning experiences.  Students use their devices for everything from research and inquiry-based projects to collaboration, presentations, content creation, and assessments.  All learning resources and activities are at their fingertips - anywhere, anytime.  With one-to-one learning, students not only master core subjects but gain skills vital to success in the 21st century workplace.

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    • Innovative Financial Solutions

      One of the greatest challenges when implementing a 1:1 computing program is finding the funds to sustain the program over the long-term. We know from our experience with hundreds of 1:1 program implementions that these programs are not sustainable unless the district allocates ongoing operating funds to the project.

      OTO can help you find these funds. We provide expert analysis of current district expenditures and make recommendation that can lead to cost savings and the ability to redeploy assets to fund your program.

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    • Common Core

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    The mission of One-to-One Institute is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal access to technology.


    • Hard Lessons Learned in Ambitious L.A. iPad Initiative

      The Los Angeles school system’s ambitious effort to provide all its students with digital computing devices is again in flux, this time after complaints about…

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    • Analyst: Maine ‘grossly overpaid’ for school iPads

      A Falmouth consultant says Los Angeles had a 43 percent discount, but Maine got only 14 percent off.

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    • As more mobile computers pour into schools, some parents express concerns

      Pardon Shawnee Mission parent Malinda Sutton if she feels like a desperate gunner in the old “Space Invaders” arcade game.

      She knows MacBooks and iPads…

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    • St. Paul students will soon have iPads, but classroom plan still unclear

      When the St. Paul school district begins giving students Apple iPads this fall, district officials hope that the devices will allow teachers to instruct in…

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    • Springfield schools’ $6M tech plan seeks to avoid pitfalls

      SPRINGFIELD — At least two Clark County school districts are looking to adopt one-to-one technology plans next year, a move that can be expensive and…

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    • BYOD, Chromebooks: Finding the cloud cheaply

      Getting into the cloud takes Internet access. How that is done depends on a school district’s philosophy, economics and community connections.

      Nearly every public school…

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    One-to-One Institute is an international non-profit committed to igniting 21st century education through the implementation of one-to-one technology in K-12 education environments.